Elena Yakovleva told about the “stormy relationship” with Dmitry nagievym

Famous actress Elena Yakovleva told the audience about “stormy relationship” with counterpart Dmitry nagievym. The actress said that on set with the actor she likes to be unpredictable because such man will never be bored.


Yakovlev admitted in another interview that he considers Nagiyev, “the coolest man”, because Dmitry is incredibly gifted, what often makes his colleagues be in an awkward position. The actress gave an example that she once spoke on the phone, and her famous colleague, passing directly into the phone said, “Len, where are my pants?”.

Known for starring in the TV series “Kamenskaya” actress also said that not long ago crossed on the set with nagievym, and this picture of Yakovlev only plays a minor role. However, the artist is convinced that even a “stand up row” with such a man is already a happiness.