Email: duel view in the market wizards voice virtual

Photo: Jae C. hong Associated Press
The HiMirror Mini is a mirror smart and connected to the Internet and using the voice assistant Alexa from Amazon.

The war between wizards voice virtual rages in Las Vegas, then that opens Tuesday at the public grand annual mass of the electronics, the THESE, who will compete on this growing market, mainly big-name american Amazon and Google.


“The voice is here for good,” in interface of communication between man and machine, has launched Monday, Ned Curic, head of automotive business for Alexa, the voice assistant Amazon. Mr. Curic had, on the eve of the official opening of the ces, a partnership with the automotive supplier French Faurecia : the occupants of the vehicles will be able to talk through Alexa with their car’s smart and connected, to adjust the temperature, choose the music, etc


Difficult to count the companies that have announced the integration of a virtual assistant in their devices or their systems : Panasonic, LG, Pioneer and many others…


According to the CTA, a trade association that organizes ces, the voice command combined with the advanced artificial intelligence is THE trend of the time in electronics, and it should continue on its launched in 2018, in particular through the speakers connected voice activated, which it should take more than 43 million units in 2018 just in the United States, an increase of 60 %. With these devices, we can order a pizza, do some shopping, listen to info, go to music and control all connected devices in the home (washing machines, fridges, lamps, alarms, door entry, etc.). Rendered malignant by the artificial intelligence, these assistants are learning, in part, while only the contact of their owners, to which they adapt gradually.


Even if Apple launched Siri very soon, in 2011, it no longer occupies the front of the stage now, showing Google and Amazon as the main fighters, believe the analysts : their butlers, virtual Assistant and Alexa find themselves embedded in more and more electronic devices and cars. The giant south Korean Samsung is trying to catch up with his, Bixby, which he has recently announced a version that is more efficient. But it is much more to a duel than there is.


“The major theme is the battle between Google and Amazon for the home connected,” says analyst Patrick Moorhead, from the firm Moor Insights Strategy. A battle which includes a competition to blows from falling prices in the speakers connected to the best-selling : the Echo is Amazon and Google, called Home. A little shy at first, Google was launched in the middle of the battle, announcing in October a slew of devices with Wizard, including a Home Mini, rival to direct the Echo Dot Amazon.


“The competition is growing to [impose] ecosystem [enabled by] the smart assistants, and the question is : who will be the wizard of choice in 2018 ? “, said analyst Brian Blau, of Gartner.


Apple and Google have a head start, because their wizards are already built into millions of smart phones (the iPhone and devices running Android, the mobile system of Google), says Mr. Blau. “That’s why Amazon is so offensive : it needs a million more ways to put Alexa in the hands of consumers,” and thus to adopt its ecosystem of services, ” he said again.


In the battle, ” the loser is Cortana, because nobody talks about it “, is also the analyst, in reference to the wizard of Microsoft.


If almost all of the groups throw themselves in this trend, the south Korean LG has bitten the dust, his small robot Dlaw intelligent, refusing categorically to respond to questions during a demonstration on Monday morning. “Dlaw does not love me obviously not “, was launched at the joke the head of the group, who posed questions related to the machine or with the evening meal, in front of journalists and analysts of the sector, while laughter came in the room.


If the virtual assistants have been the figure of stars even before the opening of THESE to the general public on Tuesday, microprocessors, victims of the major faults of security revealed last week, were very discreet : only the owner of the industry giant Intel has tackled head-on at the subject. During a presentation in the evening, it was assured that the consequences of these faults — Meltdown and Spectrum — were contained thanks to a collaboration with the “remarkable” companies in the sector.