Emilie Broussouloux : The wife of Thomas Holland, sublime bikini

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Thomas Holland and his companion Emilie Broussouloux – red carpet of the movie “The Lover Double” during the 70th International Film Festival of Cannes. On may 26, 2017. © Borders-Jacovides-Moreau / Bestimage

On vacation in Indonesia, she is feeling…

In 2016, after his break-up with Joyce Jonathan, Thomas Holland was again found love in the arms of Emilie Broussouloux. Since then, the son of the former president of the Republic François Hollande and the sports reporter seem spin the perfect love. And the least we can say is that the young woman has, in addition to having conquered the heart of the lawyer, seduced a good number of users.

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Then she left France to relax in Indonesia, Emilie Broussouloux has shared on the social networks a few photos of his stay in paradise. As well, the beautiful presenter has revealed his dream silhouette in a swimsuit in white at the edge of a pool, then in a bikini sexy when a ride in the sea. Photos which have unanimous support from his followers : “Too cute as usual”, “Sublime, radiant, beautiful…”, “Your smile and your beauty illuminate this photo kisses beautiful Emilie”, “What a lovely mermaid.”

After prélassée in the sun, Emilie Broussouloux will make its return to the antenna. As announced on Instagram, it will be at the controls of a “new magazine of discovery” on France 3 and France 3 regions from the start of the year.

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