Eminem has unveiled the video for the song Lucky You, written by Joyner Lucas

Эминем представил клип на песню Lucky You, записанный с Джойнером Лукасом

American rapper Eminem has unveiled the video for the song Lucky You with your new album.

Song recorded together with the rapper Joyner Lucas. In the video, the performers are faced with a crowd of clones, zombies in black clothes and with red eyes, repeating their every movement.

Lucky You was the second single from the latest album of Eminem Kamikaze, which was released in late August. The album has already managed to take first place in album charts of the United States, and the composition is held on the sixth line of the chart. Just the track list includes 13 songs, the last of which Venom was used as a soundtrack for the eponymous film.

Previously Eminem has released a music video for the song Fall from album Kamikaze.

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