Employees CIBL laid off launching a call for solidarity

Photo: Guillaume Levasseur Duty
CIBL, which came on the air in 1980, has left the district of Hochelaga-Maisonneuve in 2012 to install in the entertainment District.

Two days after he was laid off in the block until further order, the 13 employees of the radio station in montreal CIBL launched on Monday a national call to action to save the antenna community.


Employees laid off by the station, which broadcasts at 101.5 FM in Montreal have decided to take advantage of the many messages of sympathy shared on social networks by several media personalities including Guy A. Lepage and Alexandre Taillefer — by launching an open letter ” to reaffirm its mission and cause a historic involvement. “

“CIBL will not close “, said from the outset, the message about the station, which will soon celebrate its 38 years of existence and has seen his micro in several of the headliners in media today, including Marie-France Bazzo, Bruno Blanchet, Alain Brunet, Jean-René Dufort, Catherine Ethier, Pascal Forget, Monique Giroux, Marc-André Lussier, Mononc’ Serge, and many others.


“We therefore call for the involvement to allow CIBL to bounce back and begin a transition to digital essential, which has never been done,” says the letter.

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“On the one hand, it is a call to the mobilization of listeners and members that we do, explained to the Duty Julien Poirier-Malo, a spokesperson for the employees and host up to Friday the morning show on CIBL. There is a general assembly that approach, a majority of the board positions will be vacant, the directorate-general is also to be filled. “


To the rescue of the station


On the other hand, the letter serves as a signal of smoke ” for the public authorities and the business communities, because it is not a secret for anyone that CIBL is in need of help, help recurring “, said Mr. Poirier-Malo, referring to the ministry of Culture, the City of Montreal and the business community.


The letter of the employees laid off states that their approach is not intended in any way to preserve our jobs individual. It is a collective effort to save an institution whose value is inestimable “.


In his message of layoff sent to employees Friday, the board of directors explained that the community radio station was going through a financial situation which makes impossible the continuation of its activities.


CIBL, which came on the air in 1980, has left the district of Hochelaga-Maisonneuve in 2012 to install in the entertainment District, in the building of the 2-22, giving a new breath to the station, but borne by its financial resources.