The employees of the prison service oath

1418934486_dsc_0080Penitentiary of Chernigov lined up on the parade ground Chernihiv prison management DPtS Ukraine in Chernihiv region and prepared to order to swear allegiance to the people of Ukraine.
The newly appointed employees have been fully trained, professional mastering skills in order to serve in penal institutions Chernihiv region.
In a solemn atmosphere oath was read 16 employees of Chernihiv penal colony number 44, Mena penal colony number 91, Novgorod-Seversky penitentiary number 31 and Chernihiv jail, first adopted in the service, and each of them solemnly signed the text.
With this outstanding and exciting event in the Penitentiary welcomed the Deputy Chief of DPtS Ukraine in Chernihiv region colonel of internal service Vyacheslav Kozko and internal service lieutenant colonel Vasily Gavrylenko.
At the end of the event Eletski convent priest Father Basil blessed selfless service to employees, the press service management DPtS Ukraine in Chernihiv region.

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