Employment center has detected € 89 million fraud in 2014

emploiEmployment center has detected 89 million euros of fraud in the first nine months of 2014, according to a partial assessment forwarded to the Central Works Council (CEC) of the operator, consulted Friday by AFP .

Of this amount, damage of € 31 million has been avoided, employment center who spotted the fraud before payment. The remaining 58 million were paid improperly before the fraud is detected. “Employment center is working to recover,” said the agency AFP.

According to the document, first revealed by Le Monde , these figures are the result of 7472 “fraudulent business,” involving 9,118 job seekers and 259 companies. The number of job seekers compensated by employment center is $ 2.7 million. In three quarters, employment center has detected a volume of fraud similar to the whole of last year (100 million euros in 2013). Since 2011, the amounts are in continuous increase: 76 million in 2012 and 62 million in 2011.

But in comparison, these amounts are very low compared to EUR 30 billion for unemployment benefits paid in 2013, for example. “The talk is an infinitesimal part of the total amount of unemployment benefits paid by employment center and about half is recovered later,” notes Jean-Charles Steyger, central Steward FSU. “Unfortunately, the news focuses more on control of the unemployed, much less on the employer, it is a problem,” said for his part Pascal Mezan, representing the CFDT employment center CEC.

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