Environmental catastrophe in the Donbas is a threat to all of Europe.

Экологическая катастрофа на Донбассе представляет угрозу для всей Европы, - Аваков

In the near future the ecological situation in the Donbas may reach a “point of no return.” This was stated by interior Minister Arsen Avakov, reports the press service of the Ministry in Facebook.

He noted that the environmental aspect current in the East of Ukraine the situation for a long time remained in the background, but now it has escalated significantly. Disaster can threaten the whole of Europe.

“After a relative stabilization of the situation in the combat area, this aspect is becoming increasingly important. According to experts, in the near future the ecological situation in the region can reach the point of no return and become a serious threat to the ecology of both Ukraine and the neighboring countries. Europe can get on its borders “a new Chernobyl”, – said the Minister.

He also noted that currently the Ukrainian side is not able to fully assess the damage that was caused to district due to the lack of access.

“Of course, nature has a high potential for regeneration, but this will take years. If nothing is done, in 10 years Ukraine will be able to reintegrate only 15 thousand square kilometers of salt flats with a totally destroyed social infrastructure. Environmental reintegration of Donbass is a matter of national security,” – said Avakov.

Earlier in the report “Environmental situation in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions” reported that due to the cessation of pumping of underground mine water in the surface soil near Donetsk dipped to 20-25 cm.

Also earlier, the militants announced the intention to flood the mine “Yunkom”, which in 1979, the USSR conducted nuclear tests. Experts believe that the flooding could lead to the spread of radiation in the region and depriving local people of drinking water due to its contamination.

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