Environmental populism has become a global trend, experts

Environmental issues in politics are usually operated by commercial interests, at the election of such populism is unlikely to add electoral sympathies political forces, according to experts interviewed 112.ua the article “the Populist myths and promises: How voters can protect themselves from pre-election manipulation”.

The article States that the exploitation of the theme of ecology to achieve commercial and political goals has become a global trend, which will bypass Ukraine.

“In world politics is now dominated commercial relationship with the environment: the subject exploited for commercial interests, raise these issues when you need to close a project, to hurt competitors. In Ukrainian politics will also use the environment mainly in the same direction. As well as the populist opposition – you dirty in the city, I’ll make cleaner,” said 112.ua Director of the Institute of strategic studies “New Ukraine” Andrey Yermolaev.

According to the publication, in addition to the traditional “bread” for the opposition, before the election of the strongholds leak and not quite traditional topics. The same Yulia Tymoshenko is trying to lure young people with promises to eradicate corruption by using the blockchain. And the political party “people’s Force” as a campaign slogan the theme of ecology. She recently presented in Krivoy Rog its environmental programme, organized environmental protests in Mariupol, exaggerates the topic in the media.

Thus, according to the scientists, using the topic of environment, politicians are unlikely to achieve success.

“Regions with high level of industrialization and urbanization in principle have a low level of ecological culture. So on the topic of the environment, the people are not particularly reflective,” agrees Andrey Ermolaev.

According to him, in the minds of Ukrainians the environment is the problem, not a new way of life.

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