The epidemiological situation is the stable

1106-12-300x218With significant cooling threatened increase in the incidence of SARS and influenza. However, according to the head of the department of epidemiology and health of the territory of the main department of state health services in Mary Pavelyevoyi epidemiological indicators in Ternopil region correspond to time of year and do not exceed the thresholds.
“So from 24 to 28 December at normal incidence rate was 41.3 19.1 cases per 10 thousand. Population – said Maria. – Compared with the previous week – a smaller number of patients. ”
However, head of epidemiology and sanitary protection area of ​​the main public health service management in stressed that the situation is deteriorating weather conditions may change, so to protect themselves from the cold and hypothermia required. In order to prevent the flu and SARS is important to follow these tips:
– Dress multilayer: to wear several light sweaters instead of one warm. This will prevent spitninnya that the cold dangerous. If you become too hot, you can always remove one of the sweaters. From these considerations clothes should be completely free.
– Protect exposed skin. Do not forget to wear gloves and nose and ear protect hat, scarf, raised collar.
– Take some spare clothes if you plan to spend a day in the cold. Sometimes it is enough to change the wet clothes to dry to avoid hypothermia.
– Do not go out in the cold hungry. Be sure and eat well, preferably something high-calorie. Frozen – and eat something.
– Visit every half an hour in a warm room, if you spend all day on the street.
– If possible, take with a thermos with hot coffee, tea or soup.
– Work hands and move them to enhance blood circulation in the freezing vessels. Just move your toes. You can jump from one foot – but not very strongly, this may damage the frozen tissues.
– No overtire. Tired man most exposed to hypothermia. Generally, people felt that they begin to freeze, move very actively. But it’s also not quite reasonable, because the energy used very quickly and need to force update. So vorushitsya, but not too intense.
– Keep an eye on the weather forecast.
Absolutely can not:
– Touch the metal as bare hands and tongue. Metal conducts heat very well, and thus instantly takes it from you, and place in a collision may occur frostbite. The same applies to gasoline. It can quickly obmorozyty skin in contact, and therefore, when using such materials in the cold certainly use waterproof gloves.
– Drinking alcohol, because alcohol dilates blood vessels on the surface of the body, resulting in faster heat loss. This prevents vessels protected from heat internal organs. In addition, alcohol just weakens your own situational awareness that prevent you protect yourself from injury in difficult conditions. Nicotine is also not the best assistant in the fight against the cold because of its detrimental effect on the vascular wall.
First Aid
We should not think that hypothermia pass itself. As soon as his symptoms – wax spots and numbness of the skin, immediately go to a warm place.
First aid for hypothermia simple – zihriytesya, sit in a warm place for several hours, and eat.
In case of frostbite, immediately consult a doctor. In extreme cases, it is necessary to change my clothes, remove wet clothing and wrap in warm blankets and sheets. You can not touch the frostbitten parts of the body.
If frostbite should follow the principle of “internal warming” affected tissues – impose insulating bandage (cotton-gauze, cotton, etc.), take warm drinks.
In no case can warm the affected tissue with hot water or near a hot battery, as this can lead to a considerable enhancement of the lesion.
Be sure to drink as much fluid – any warm drink except alcohol. They will resume normal body temperature and improve blood circulation. Take painkillers and immediately seek expert help!

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