Éric Duhaime reveals his homosexuality and denounces the “gay lobby”

FM FM 93, Eric Duhaime, took advantage of his program on Monday afternoon to make his exit from the closet and announce his homosexuality, promoting in passing the next release of an essay on the subject.
“Yeah, I’m gay, afterwards?” The commentator said, explaining that she had never felt the need to publicly state her sexual orientation until today. In his opinion, it is a qualification that is too often reductive of the nature of an individual. “I do not want to be defined in relation to the sex of the person I’m fucking with.”
In addition, the facilitator considers that Quebec homosexuals have achieved full recognition of their rights, contrary to the “gay lobby” which is still trying to erect them as victims.
“The lobby no longer exists. Today, you can marry, kiss your boyfriend where you want. In general, the system is on your side. We live in Quebec the most tolerant society in the world with respect to minorities. ”
Sunday, the host had foamed on Twitter the “big announcement” he was about to make, “possibly the most important of my media career.”
Duhaime has already published three books on political subjects, but his first “as personal”. The book The End of Homosexuality and the Last Gay will be published by Editions de l’homme.

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