Etienne Daho without a filter : “I had a lot of potential for me to self-destruct” – Gala


Last Thursday, Etienne Daho came to promote his new album Blitz in the morning of France Inter. The opportunity for the singer to entrust the micro Léa Salamé what he would have done if he had not become a singer.

Was 61 years and 11 albums to his credit, Etienne Daho is back in the bins, on Friday 17 November, with the album Blitz. Four years after The songs of innocence found, the ” godfather of English pop ” comes with twelve tracks that blend brilliantly with new-wave and electro, his trademark for thirty years. An opus for which the interpreter had Fallen for France has felt the need to leave the Hexagon, destination London, the city of his fetish.


The English capital of which the boiling has always inspired, and even more in recent months : ” With the Brexit, and the attacks, the English are very haunted by the war. “, he explained last Thursday in the morning of France Inter. A gloom that he decided, for our greatest pleasure, to transcend in power pop. Still, his record tells of ” great joy “but also” huge sorrows “like the one that caused him the loss of his sister, Jeanne, in January 2016, and for which he wrote the title of The Garden,an eden of wonderful , “where he” likes to imagine ” : “It is a party, without warning, be patient. I am happy to have written a song for her, it lightens the spirit. “


The native of Oran experienced also by ” the accident that happened to me.” In August 2013, the idol of the 80s was nearing death due to peritonitis ” complicated “. “Having had a few minor alerts from attacks of appendicitis since few months, I decided to get it removed. This benign operation has, unfortunately, been turned into peritonitis complicated. Five hours on the pool and not to far to get to the other side. Scary ! “, pointed out-he once restored on his page Facebook. A walk at the edge of the volcano for a man who if he had not met the song and the success, may be more in there : ” I had a lot of potential for me to destruct. I found the destruction very romantic. “, he confessed to Léa Salamé.

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