Etretat: A young woman found dead at the foot of the cliff

Strong waves hit Etretat, in Normandy, the 8th of February, 2016. — ISABELLES

Etretat (Seine-Maritime) new bereaved. The lifeless body of a young woman was discovered Thursday at the foot of the famous cliffs reports the site Normandie-actu. It would have between 18 and 20 years, according to information from the website of local news.

It is a walker who had spotted a body down below, and called aid to 19 hours. The young woman who died was found floating in the water some fifteen meters from the cliff when the tide started to go down.

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A place that is regularly the scene of fatal falls involving

The firefighters have committed resources aquatic and reassembled. A helicopter of the civil security has been sent to the site. The national gendarmerie was seized of the investigation. The authorities have found a train ticket Paris-Le Havre in his business. The young woman could be a native of the capital, according to investigators.

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According to a justice source, its profile corresponds to that of a woman reported missing by his mother in Paris. The floor of le Havre has called for a review of the body that should help to formally identify the victim. Rising to over 70 metres, the cliffs of Etretat are regularly cited in cases of
suicide and
deadly waterfalls.

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