EU may ban the purchase of public debt to Russia

Bank of Russia
Bank of Russia

European investors may prohibit buy new government bonds in Russia. This may be part of a new package of anti-Russian sanctions, which will be discussed at a meeting of ambassadors 28krayin member states on Wednesday, September 3.
On Tuesday, Reuters reported, citing three sources in EU diplomatic circles.
August 30 leaders of the EU member states agreed to strengthen sanctions against Russia in connection with the direct participation of Russian troops in the war in Eastern Ukraine.
The draft federal budget for 2015-2017 years, provided the amount of external borrowing in 2015 in the amount of 259 billion rubles ($ 7 billion). Domestic borrowing program of the Russian Federation in 2014 reduced by half – to 435 billion rubles.
The growth rate of the CBR due to financial instability in the market and investors’ flight against the backdrop of sanctions complicate the Finance Ministry raise money in the domestic market, and he had repeatedly cancel OFZ auctions, the last of which was in the middle of July.

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