EU prompted reforms but implement them should he Kyiv

Reforms – a purely Ukrainian process that should remain Ukrainian.
The EU will help Ukraine with reforms but implement them should Ukrainian. This was stated by EU High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy Federica Moґerini.

“We discussed the full list of reforms for hours on Monday. I would like to emphasize that reform – a purely Ukrainian process and should be Ukrainian, “- she said.

“There should be a way that points the way to Brussels, Kyiv and followed him. Reforms needed not to satisfy the EU, but in order to make a happy Ukrainian. This is a process where the EU can help the experience and resources, but the path of reform and motivation is in Ukraine. Of course, we need partnerships to ensure the success of these reforms. Ukraine has the determination and political will to implement them, “- said Moґerini.

It was reported that during a meeting with Moґerini Poroshenko said that Ukraine can count on EU reforms.

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