Eugene Zborovsky a police officer to refuse a visa U.S. Felt like a third grade

Полицейский Евгений Зборовский об отказе в визе США:  Почувствовал себя человеком третьего сорта

Eugene Zborovsky a police officer to refuse a visa USA: “Felt like third grade”
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Yevgeny Zborovskiy believes that he was wronged. Photo: social networks

Why the commander of a battalion of patrol police was not allowed in the ocean

“Read the paper “did not demonstrate strong ties in your country of permanent residence… You can not prove that you have ties that will compel you to return to the country of residence after the trip…” – outraged Facebook senior Lieutenant Yevgeny Zborovskiy. – That is the battalion commander of the new reformed police patrol, which was entrusted with 350 employees in Ukraine, and with the clichéd European passport visas has low wages, which means that there is a high risk that going to want to stay in the States an illegal migrant and not coming back… hmmm, philosophically”.

“Komsomolskaya Pravda” in Ukraine” became a shame for our compatriot, and we decided to find out if his visa application was rejected.

Is there any reason to go back

Everyone applying for a visa is a potential immigrant until proven otherwise.

– The main document, which is treated in the Consulate, be it the USA or UK – profile – says visa Manager Hope Miller. – If you are having additional and / or issues, can ask the Bank statement, income certificate, proof of communication with relatives in the country of residence, and so on. Yet if you don’t ask to stick all of these documents in the face of the officer is not necessary, it will cause suspicion.

All employees of the visa section of the Consulate – excellent psychologists. They feel when you’re lying, hiding something or not telling. When talking with them need to behave calmly and with restraint – any wrong word or gesture can be regarded as a sign of panic, and hence, suspicion, and refusal.

– The main criterion for visa – reasons to come back Home, – the expert continues. Not so much your financial security is in the first place, how many strong ties at home. A plus is the age – 30 years. The younger the person, the higher the probability that he will stay there where it’s going: the young are the most mobile group. By the way, the presence of friends or relatives in the States reduces the chance to get a visa, because relatives can you shelter.

The officer refused, not only because of the salary

Visa Manager expressed his opinion about the reasons of refusal in the American visa on the example of the case of the patrol police Evgeny Zborovsky.

– As I understand it, Eugene is not married – this is the first, but not the main reason for obtaining the visa denial. The second point is the existence of ties in the country where he’s going: have a friend in the US, and it already increases the likelihood of immigration in the eyes of the consular officer. Well, the main aspect – what is the salary in Ukraine senior Lieutenant? 10-12 thousand hryvnia! With this salary you can afford to travel half of Europe?! It might seem suspicious. The slightest nuance of the inconsistencies in questionnaire data validity is about to issue a white sheet with a stamp of refusal.


Looks like the perfect tourist

  • Family – wife, husband, minor children and/or parents-dependents at least.
  • Has a permanent job with an income above average.
  • An active Bank account.
  • Real estate acquired in the last couple of years.
  • The presence of laminated previously, viz – country of independent visits by type Brazil, Singapore, Philippines or the UK. Such countries show your financial security and the ability to plan trips yourself. By the way, the availability of visas to EU countries does not play such a big role, as it may seem: travel now in tour in France or Italy is quite affordable and are not a measure of financial security.
  • Without a criminal record and involvement with the law.
  • Plus: a clearly defined itinerary, the invitation to the event where you’re going, or the schedule of anticipated site visits.

What prevents to obtain a visa

– As a rule, neither the consular officer will not tell you the exact reason for the visa refusal, – explains Nadezhda Melnik. The stamp about the lack of motivation to return – standard sample. But there are a number of points that are used for denial of U.S. visa, excluding the above:

  • Bad command of the English language.
  • The average salary, but there are property – can be sold and live on this money where going.
  • Pre-purchased plane tickets or paid hotel deals as the pressure on the consular officer.
  • Inconclusive information about the purpose and reasons for the trip. Want to see the exhibition seals – will not work.
  • Suspicious of the invitation – if you met someone online and he/she sent you the invitation email, it will hardly be a good argument for the visa.
  • Nervous or vague answers to questions the consular officer also are the cause of failure – remember, they are psychologists and are studying not only your profile, but you first.

By the WAY

The hardest to get into in the US, Canada and UK

According to the official U.S. Department of State in 2017, 34,54% of Ukrainians are refused visas. According to the Director of the Department of consular service of the foreign Ministry Sergei burnt down, last year’s denial of visa Canada received 30% of Ukrainians and visa in the UK – 14%.

USA, Canada and UK remain for Ukrainians the most problematic in obtaining permission to enter. Have consulates in each of these countries, their requirements for potential immigrants.

– When applying for a visa in the UK, unlike the USA, on the contrary, you must prove your ties with that country, – says Nadezhda Melnik. For example, go to the wedding of a friend – show your joint photos, correspondence, prove your relationship with the bride. Also inviting party needs you to provide financial security. Plus already booked tickets and hotel. Recommended on account of to have 1500 euros, in addition to the help of employment with prescribed income over the past six months.

To get into Canada, according to our interlocutor, is more complicated in financial terms, $ 3,000 in the account and the invitation from a host is necessary. But today, increased the percentage of positive responses on canadian visas for Ukrainians at the invitation to work.

– Today there are a lot of open jobs for immigrants in the canadian province of Alberta, and the people who go there work invitation, often open visa, – says Nadezhda Melnik. – However, self-refer to this invitation to the Consulate is not necessary – chances to grow with the support of a special visa centre. But for their services will have to pay about $ 1,500.


The police “detained” in the center of Kiev stork

Resistance during the arrest “a suspect” are not provided. Probably him in the morning, as the citizens, it was chilly.