Europeans consider Ukrainian GTS “strategic” for the EU

Ukraine's gas transportation system (GTS)
Ukraine’s gas transportation system (GTS)

Ukraine’s gas transportation system (GTS) are interested in the EU and Germany “strategic, rather than economic sense,” said Head of Energy, Transport and Environment at the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW) Claudia Kemfert.
She stated in an interview to “Deutsche Welle” 18 August.
Kemfert said that the territory of Ukraine are still transported about 50% of the total volume of gas exported to the EU from Eurasia.
The EU is interested in a safe hazotransportuvanni, said an expert with regard to the state of Ukraine’s GTS. Therefore, “specifically in this case, the EU can provide financial support to Ukraine and thus modernize its old GTS,” said Kemfert.
The restoration GTS at their own expense in Ukraine currently has no financial possibilities, an expert believes, because Kyiv “necessary investors and financial partners.”
Passing a law on the reform of the GTS and allowing companies from the EU and the United States of partial rent, “Ukraine wants to prevent is to Russia completely taken over 100 percent of gas pipelines” – says Claudia Kemfert.
As you know, the Parliament adopted the Law on Amendments to Certain Laws of Ukraine on reforming the only gas transportation system of Ukraine.

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