Europeans diversifitsirovat the sources of gas supply and there is no policy.

Европейцы диверсифицируют источники поступления газа и здесь нет никакой политики, - эксперт

Construction of the pipeline “Nord stream – 2” for the economy of Ukraine will have bad consequences, said political analyst Andriy Zolotaryov. He said this broadcast “112 Ukraine”.

“The Europeans approach is quite pragmatic. They diversifitsirovat the sources of gas supply and there is no policy, only costs for Europeans have always had higher values. In the end, what we have not talked about the priority of values, but the price was always higher. So for Germany this question is primarily its energy security. And “Northern stream” will be completed. Perhaps Merkel and Putin discuss, put any points in this project, because political decisions essentially taken the “Nord stream” will be completed. Haunt us very hard for the Ukrainian economy”, – he said.

Zolotarev admitted that the Russian President will go to the humanitarian gesture in the form of concessions in the case of Ukrainians Oleg Sentsov. “It is also possible, because the time is ripe,” – said the expert.

We will note, according to the leader of “Ukrainian choice” Victor Medvedchuk, the main task of Kiev is to save gas transit route through Ukraine.

“The majority of Germans are confident that the implementation of the “Nord stream ― 2″ will make a more reliable supply Germany with natural gas. The Europeans are not inclined to politicize the construction of a new pipeline. Consumers in the EU are guided only by economic expediency, and looking for ways of diversifying their risks in the energy sector. To keep the same transit route through Ukraine ― the task of Kiev. And yet the only chance not to lose neither the transit nor the GTS is the creation of a trilateral gas transportation consortium Ukraine ― Russia ― EU”, – he said.

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