Evacuated families return home

The two families evacuated due to the presence of carbon monoxide in their residence, in the area of ​​Thibault and Dunant streets, were able to return to their homes. The contractor working on the corner of these two streets met all the requirements of the City and was able to resume operations on Wednesday.

“This morning we reintegrated. We did a property discount. We had two houses affected by the evacuations. We did a lot of testing to make sure there was no gas migration to the other residences surrounding the blasting. There was no trace in the tests we did. This morning, before re-integrating, we took action and despite the blasting tests we had done, there was no gas migration, “says Stéphane Simoneau, director of the Sherbrooke Fire Protection Service and Emergency Measures Coordinator.

“The measures we have demanded are not unrelated to that. One of the main problems was probably that there was too much material on the site. This removes a lot of tension on the ground, allowing the gas to escape into the ambient air, “he adds.

The City had effectively required the contractor to remove the equivalent of 100 trucks of rock from the site before resuming work. Trenches were to be dug and carbon monoxide detectors were to be installed on each of the floors of all houses within a 100 meter perimeter.

“All the conditions that the contractor had to meet are met. Work has resumed. There is no longer any supervision of our services. If we receive calls for the detection of monoxide, we will go to the scene. Normally, the procedure requires that a peroxide detector be placed per house within the 100 meter perimeter. Now we have one per floor, which is very safe for us. We did an awareness campaign. People know that they should call us as soon as they have a health or sound alarm system detection. ”

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Carbon monoxide health problems can include headaches, dizziness, or vomiting. It can also be excessive fatigue. “These are the symptoms we need to watch out for, especially in infancy. Children are more sensitive. If that happens, we’re not lucky, we call 911 and we leave the building, “says Dany Robitaille, head of the risk management division and deputy emergency coordinator.

The presence of carbon monoxide is present as long as there is blasting.

A gas station is being built at the corner of Dunant and Thibault Streets.

Carré Belvédère: the city could not go further
“Depending on the legislation that exists, we have gone to the maximum of what we could do,” says Benoît Lapointe, urban planner-coordinator at the City of Sherbrooke, when it comes to talking about the Carré Belvédère and protecting its surroundings natural.

After the briefing held on Tuesday evening with approximately 120 citizens, Mr. Lapointe mentioned that the project has evolved greatly since its first version, presented last year. “There is a sea between the one approved at the council last year and the 11th version. We made a lot of money. ”

Among these gains was a six-meter buffer strip behind the Belmont Street properties and Aline Street. The space devoted to a park was 8.54% of the project last year and climbs to 10%, the maximum that may require the Villle.


“When the City approved the concept plan, it was conditional on having a 10% park. From there, we had discussions. What was presented on Tuesday was the result of our discussions with the proponent and will have to be presented to the Planning Advisory Committee and City Council. An amendment to zoning will be required to move certain lands from a residential to a green zone. ”

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There will necessarily be public consultations that will focus on the park’s use of these residential lands. “It’s still a win for the citizens. ”

As for the hundred-year-old preycheraie that the citizens are trying to save, it can not be further protected by the City and 69% of its surface area will be preserved. “It is not the City’s intention to buy the land, especially as the protected area reaches a significant area. Throughout the project, we will be 21% green. In comparison, the Fabi woodland has 23% green space. This includes wetlands in compensation and shoreline strips. ”

Ecological value

The Department of the Environment does not consider the type of plantation in the study of the natural environment it requires. “The study identifies wetlands, woodlands, but it’s relatively rough. It does not look if it is a fir tree, a prucheraie or if there is woody garlic or birds in the area. Prucheraies have an ecological value because there are not many in the Cantons. The ministry never demanded to protect it, but it was the City’s choice to make it its 10% park. ”

As for the power line on the ground, it will be moved gradually so as not to cross the park anymore. The repositioning will be at the expense of the City.

The first phase of the work should be along Belvédère Street, far from the prucheraie. Construction is then likely to continue at the end of André Street. The plan remains to build 1700 doors. The promoters of the project are Bimon Enterprises and L. Elias Management.