Ève-Marie Lortie: an interviewer always alert

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Ève-Marie Lortie, who holds the reins of Salut Bonjour Weekend for the past seven years, has a trick to keep his reflexes interviewer well-sharpened. “When I find that I am too comfortable in my job, I try to interview a child, outside of my work. Do talk to the children, it is the most difficult,” says this great admirer of Claire Lamarche and Barbara Walters.

“It forces us to have an open-ended question, to which we will not be able to answer only “yes” or “no,” says Eve-Marie Lortie. If you were to ask a child if he is eager to see father Christmas, it is sure that he is going to answer yes. What you need to know, this is why…”

Become more a moderator than a journalist (“I’ve taken the plunge,” she says), the one that began as a reporter on the ground, in 1996 – back then, she was based in Quebec and has covered events such as the tragedy of the Landslides, the collapse of the Old Quebec funicular and the war of the bikers that was raging between the Rock Machine and the Hells Angels – has had to adapt his style according to the evolution of its mandates.

She made the leap in 1999 as a presenter of news on Salut Bonjour Weekend, a role that she then occupied in the week, from 2003 to 2012, and also took place at the pulpit of the various bulletins of LCN.

Gold, Salut Bonjour Weekend, “she says, the viewers want to hear about not only news headlines of the time, but also “outdoor, physical activities, recipes, wine…”.

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“The information will never be very, very far away from me, but when I agreed to become the host of Salut Bonjour Weekend, I had to resign from my position as a journalist, even if I will never be able to compress completely the information of my life. It’s a part of me, it is a natural for me,” says the one that a boss had once called “the smile of the information”, because of his air dashing.

Sorrow and friendships

In over 20 years within the “family” of Salut Bonjour!, Ève-Marie Lortie has seen getting to and from a lot of people.

“Each time, it is heart-wrenching,” she says. All the world says: the secret of Hi Hello, this is how we seem to get along. But it was not just the air; we get on really well. This is a lot of friendships renewed, but it must also be able to tell a(e) friend(e) that you love them enough to let them go elsewhere and wish him good luck. My work is a lot. I’ve had a lot of great friendships, professional, and a lot of little losses watching people leave.”

Always very attached to everything that represents the appointment in the morning, VAT, Ève-Marie Lortie does not hesitate to affirm that Salvation Hello is his favorite show. Wake up at dawn has never been a problem either.

“I find it easy to get up in the morning. It is blood, it is easy for me. I have the energy to animate in the morning, much more than the evening or the afternoon. When you look at old excerpts of me that read the news on LCN, in the evening, I have small eyes, I’m tired. But, in the morning, well woke up, it’s going wonderfully well!”

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Although filled by the challenge that it offers even Salut Bonjour Weekend, the mother of Corinne, age 16, supports be always open to start new projects.

“The willingness is there, it only lacks the idea, the spark. I will always be in the service programming, but I’d like to do a documentary or a remake of the radio. I love the interview with the public, as was done by Claire Lamarche. If a format such as the famous “talk-show” Oprah was…”, dream aloud, Ève-Marie Lortie.