Evening Prime 23.08.2018

Вечерний прайм 23.08.2018

Today in the “Evening Prime” will discuss the following:

The aggravation at the front. In the morning battle in the direction of Lugansk killed four and injured seven of our fighters. Whether the school truce to defuse the situation at the front? For today apologized President Poroshenko? And why the celebration of independence of going to us Advisor to trump security John Bolton?

Putin’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov – at least in words – revived talks of the special representatives of the Donbas. Supposedly, the meeting Surkov and Walker really prepared. That’s just not clear when and where. Do we really need this meeting? And is there any chance that it will be more efficient than the previous?

The shadow economy in Ukraine is one-third of GDP. Nightmare? But not quite. Is compared to last year in the shade is 4% less. This is the mathematics of the Ministry of economic development. What is she talking about? And will this trend continue?

Direct TV channel “112 Ukraine”:

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