Evening Prime 31.08.2018

Вечерний прайм 31.08.2018

Today in the “Evening Prime” will discuss the following:

The information that came SBU, confirmed the death of the leader of the self-proclaimed DND Alexander Zakharchenko. The explosion occurred in a cafe near the residence of the gunman. The plot is surrounded by people with guns, everyone who was there dispersed. How will this affect the negotiating process and the situation in the occupied Donbas?

The EU should renew relations with Russia for regional stability. This statement was made by the President of France Emmanuel macron. What such rhetoric can lead? A unified Europe in opposition to the Russian threat?

Three meetings before the end of the year. Press Secretary of Vladimir Putin said that the Russian President could once again meet with Donald trump. Will the White House on contact, given the mixed reaction of Americans to the summit in Helsinki?

Direct TV channel “112 Ukraine”:

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