Evening Prime time loan-to 03.09.2018

Вечерний прайм 03.09.2018

Today in the “Evening Prime” will discuss:

– Poroshenko was registered in the Parliament a list of amendments to the Constitution, in particular, it is proposed to fix in the Constitution the policy of rapprochement with the EU and NATO, and to delete paragraph that captures the stay of the Russian fleet in Crimea. What other amendments are offered, and how to treat MPs?

Parubiy has shared his expectations ahead of the new political season: here you and the plans to deprive deputies of immunity, and changes to the electoral law. What did manage to bring it to life.

– Groisman has promised to resolve the dilemma, to raise or not to raise the price of gas for the population before the end of the month, but everything goes to the fact that the government will meet the IMF requirements, and for gas we will pay more. How much?

– at the Yavoriv training ground launched the largest-ever exercise “Rapid Trident” with the participation of fourteen countries, 10 of them are NATO countries.

Direct TV channel “112 Ukraine”:

People’s Deputy of Ukraine Viktor Chumak in the “Evening Prime” TV channel “112 Ukraine” from 19:20 to 20:10:

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