Ex-defense Minister of Canada has talked about four types of aliens

Any UFO confidently claim that aliens visit Earth on a regular basis for thousands of years and was even the reason why there were international crises between States. This is particularly evident during the cold war. This information confirms the former Minister of national defense of Canada Paul Hellier.


He argues that researchers on Earth have experienced at least four types of humanoids. The authorities are hiding the data, but, in fact, constantly communicate with extraterrestrial beings.

Paul Hellier, head of the canadian Ministry of defence in the 60-ies, at the moment, claims that senior members of governments, are in collusion with the aliens and protect the secrets of the past.
On his discoveries first described in 1995, Mr. Hellier. Since then, he has become one of the main authority figures among ufologists.

During the cold in 1961 in the Russian Federation there were about 50 of these contacts with UFOs, regularly arriving at the base, located in the South of Russia and also throughout Europe, “said Hellier.

According to him, a three-year undercover investigation helped to establish almost with absolute certainty the fact that four different species of humanoids have been on Earth for four thousand years and left there own tracks.