Ex-Deputy of the Kharkiv city Council Andrey Lesik was released from house arrest

Ex-Deputy of the Kharkiv city Council Andrey Lesik left to chance. Prior to that, he was under round-the-clock house arrest for six months. He is accused of separatism, allegedly for publishing in the social network 2014-year. For 70 days Andrew Lesik was in prison.

“The current government may collect in the near future things, because that’s what it does to people that more can not continue. When dissent is removed in any way – are created artificial things, like me. Reached the extremes – the SBU investigators have already become victims, where this is conceivable? And most importantly, judges who listen to my business, have to understand, when I’m already free, I will escalate the situation to as soon as possible fixed a meeting in fact and listened. Because six months to postpone the court session and to continue the measure of restraint – this is our reality,” says Lesyk.

Экс-депутат Харьковского горсовета Андрей Лесик вышел из-под домашнего ареста


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