Ex-lawyer trump was released on bail of half a million dollars

Экс-адвокат Трампа вышел на свободу под залог в полмиллиона долларов

A former lawyer for Donald trump, Michael Cohen, accused of tax evasion, and violations related to financing election campaign of Donald trump and fraud in the banking sector, made a deal with the investigation, then was released on bail in 500 thousand dollars. Reported by the Associated Press.

The hearing on the Cohen affair ended on August 21. He pleaded guilty to eight counts, in particular, pleaded guilty to tax fraud, financial fraud and violation of the law on the financing of presidential campaigns.

Ex-attorney under oath stated that he went to the crime on behalf of trump. Cohen said that “in coordination and at the direction of a candidate for Federal post” prevented the publication of information that could damage the candidate and his campaign.

According to Federal judges, “Cohen said at the hearing that he paid 130 and 150 thousand dollars to two women with the aim of influencing elections.”

According to AFP, Cohen did not call the names of the women and the name trump, however, the amount of the payment commensurate with the payments for his silence about the sexual relationship with trump porn actress Stormy Daniels and a Playboy model Karen Mcdougal before the elections.

The judge announced that the December 12, 2018 will be announced the verdict against Cohen: he can go to jail for a period of four to five years.

Previously, Federal prosecutors, the U.S. said that the suspect Cohen in financial fraud with the aim of obtaining loans totaling more than $ 20 million.

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