Ex-Senator of the United States caught in the same room with a teenager

In the USA the former Senator said in a hotel with a teenager. This writes the New York Post.


Police Oklahoma city found former state Senator Ralph Shorty in a private room with a 17-year-old boy. According to law enforcement agencies, it is not excluded that the teenager consented to sex with a politician, if he will provide him with drugs.

The police reported the behavior of the guy is his father. Appeared to call police knocked on the door, then heard inside talking to two people. one of them demanded, so that the second quickly got dressed.

The door was opened by a former Senator, on his shirt adorned with biblical inscription calling on wives to obey their husbands. The room smelled of drugs, and the backpack men the police found condoms.

The Senator was arrested, despite his statements that the teenager he was just talking. He is married and has four children. The tablet policy found intimate correspondence with a 17 year old guy.