Ex-translator, Yezhov arrest extended until November 1

Экс-переводчику Гройсмана Ежову продлили арест до 1 ноября

Holosiivskyi district court of Kyiv extended until 1 November, the arrest of Stanislav Yezhov, a former translator of Vladimir Groisman, who is accused of treason. It is reported by the correspondent channel “112 Ukraine”.

Stanislav Yezhov in custody in the Lukyanivka prison.

He insisted on the arrest side of the prosecution, arguing that if Yezhov will be released from custody, he will be able to influence witnesses and destroy evidence in the case.

The lawyer Stanislav Yezhov said that the decision is groundless, since even during the preparatory meeting, which took place in early August, the court decided to extend the measure for Stanislav Yezhov until October 4.

The panel of judges took into consideration and filed not less than 3 minutes of searches that were conducted last year in December in his apartment, office and car.

Recall, December 20, 2017 employees of counterintelligence of SBU exposed the official of the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Stanislav Yezhov on activities in the interests of the intelligence of the aggressor. It was noted that the official was recruited by the Russian intelligence services during long trips abroad.

The SBU claimed that on the instructions of curators officials were gathered by special equipment information about the activities of government agencies. The data obtained by the malefactor gave the curators via electronic communication channels. According to Vladimir Groisman, Yezhov had no access to state secrets, therefore, information leakage can be avoided.

On 22 December, the Shevchenkovsky district court of Kiev arrested Yezhov for two months without the right of bail.

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