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For over 10 years, they share everything: the little nothings of daily life, but also the hard struggle of the actress against endometriosis. While she bears their first child, Laetitia Milot can count on her husband Badri to make life even more beautiful…

Of the two, it is almost the most impatient. Because there are more than 15 years, he has made the promise to take care of it to his friend Yannis, condemned by the disease, who entrusted him. Because 10 years ago, he married her, for better and for worse. Because since September, it’s a secret that they guard jealously. Too early, too beautiful to believe… now is not The time to worry, the news can be shared : Laetitia Milot and her husband Badri are going to become parents ! The couple has won its arm-wrestling against endometriosis ; the actress is three months pregnant.

On the point of resuming treatment ordered, in the middle of the summer, in the middle of shooting of the fiction revenge with clear eyes for TF1, in order to reduce abdominal pains related to her endometriosis, Laetitia a, on a whim, asked Badri to acquire a pregnancy test. ” I did the test. We saw the two bars indicating a pregnancy, but we didn’t want to believe it. It was thought to be a mistake, especially as the treatment of the summer could distort the results. My physician prescribed me a blood test and we had confirmation of the good news, as I was finishing a autograph session, recalls the mom-to-be. We went directly to the university hospital of Rouen, where I had my surgery in the spring, to do the first ultrasound. There, we learned that the heart of our child beating in the last twenty hours, everything was amazing… “

The first emotions of the couple ? ” A mixture of joy and tears, “says Laetitia. The feeling of arriving at the end of a long struggle, especially. We wanted to believe that life would be the right time to give us the joy of being parents, but I had 6 months to get pregnant after my surgery, in march, at Rouen. We approached the deadline (…) Then, knowing that it was there, in my belly, against all odds… It was unreal. It is pinched to recover our minds. “

For the moment, the future parents do not want to know the sex of the baby – ” the result is in an envelope, (…) we want to keep the surprise as long as possible. “ But the creator of sites on the internet, Badri trace the outline of this small life to come. If Laetitia, ” superstitious “, has started to think of names ” gently “, ” Badri, himself, is at the bottom, I made proposals, but I remind him that we have all the time in talk, playing, the mom-to-be. We have not yet buy anything, no clothes, no furniture, it is too early. It still lags the happy news ! “

For now, Laetitia ” a lot of cooking “, because of his ” cravings “ of pregnant women. Not even afraid of the extra pounds carried by his body of tanagra : ” I redoublerai efforts after the birth of the baby “, she said. Impossible by then, Badri eve : ” He forbids me to lift objects, he talks to my belly… He is looking forward to invest himself in the role of father. I intend to enjoy it, do not tell him. “ Promised, Laetitia…

Find our full interview and our exclusive pics of Laetitia Milot, mom-to-be, in the magazine Gala, on newsstands this Wednesday, November 15.

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