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For 10 years, suffering from endometriosis, the actress fought for this dream. It is now a reality: she will become a mom. 3 months pregnant, she is conservative, but intends to honor all its professional commitments. Including his return to the series for France 3 that made it famous…

“I am overactive in nature. I don’t know how I’ll react in the next few months, but I do not know to be idle. “ It is said. 3 months pregnant, after a fight of 10 years against endometriosis, Laetitia Milot does not want to know the sex of her baby, or tighten its list of names, by superstition. But she does not forget his fans either.

“My gynaecologist was following me as it should be, but not more than one other woman. I don’t have intolerances or allergies to particular. For the moment, everything is going well “, justifies it, barely inconvenienced by a few minor aches and pains related to its ” adenomyosis severe enough. “

Concretely, the actress 37-year-old intends to continue the promotion of her novel Related to the life, to be published by Plon, 16 November.

Long-heralded and anticipated for the end of November, his return in the series Plus belle la vie, which was revealed in 2004, also remains topical. The writers will just have to adapt to the pregnancy. But nothing too complicated for the team, used to bounce on the subjects of society, in the spirit of the time.

Ensured to be pregnant, in September, when she began filming a documentary on endometriosis, Laetitia account finally integrate her personal case, with the approval of her husband Badri. ” Today, I feel that I embody a hope, we won the arm-wrestle, I want to encourage other women to never give up the fight “, jure-t-it.

“I want to tell you that I’m not sick, just pregnant ! “says t-it. Really touching…

Find our full interview and our exclusive pics of Laetitia Milot, mom-to-be, in the magazine Gala, on newsstands this Wednesday, November 15.

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