Expert: If the lions flooded due to the inactivity of the local authorities, this must give a legal move

Эксперт: Если Львов затопило из-за бездеятельности местной власти, то этому нужно давать юридический ход

If there is evidence that due to the inactivity of the local authorities in Lviv flooded the streets, I should give it a legal course. This broadcast “112 Ukraine”, said political analyst Peter oleschuk.

“It is necessary to conduct appropriate research and to establish the culprits. While we do not install and do not call, it is difficult to say whether the culprits. If someone has facts that such effects were due to inaction, or certain criminal actions of local authorities, these facts must be recorded, to give them publicity and further legal move,” he said.

Assessment of the actions local authorities, according to the analyst, will give residents of the city during the next election.

“Garden, you can make any accusations when he announced his ambition (to go to the polls – ed.), and yet it was not. Currently, there is no reason to say that the Garden has a chance to win. Therefore, it is better to focus on other issues, for example, on party building … Mister Garden recent builds of the relevant contacts at various levels with various political forces”, – he added.

Friday night in Lviv was short, but at the same time, a massive shower, which part of the city was actually under water. Its level in some places reached a meter in height. Because of this, the city stopped public transportation (which later drew over a hundred people), and for the elimination of consequences of elements created a special operational headquarters.

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