Expert: If the opposition parties unite Bank, a single candidate will be smartly

Эксперт: Если оппозиционные партии объединит Банковая, то единым кандидатом будет Бойко

If the opposition party in the elections in 2019 will bring together Bank, a single candidate will be a representative from the “opposition bloc” Yuriy Boyko. This broadcast channel “112 Ukraine”, said political analyst Pavel Rudyakov.

“If they (opposition parties – ed) will unite the Bank, a single candidate is Yuriy Boyko. But if you put them together not a Bank, will obviously Rabinovich” he said.

“The city cannot enter into the bus, not to mention the metro, they all say that Poroshenko wants in the second round to win smartly. I’m no expert, but I think he would have won it if they got to the second round. Therefore, Bankova beneficial to the banner was Boyko. At Boyko is a hypothetical chance to win, but many of them need a lot of work,” – said Rudyak.

According to Rudakov, to opposition forces in the run-up to elections was beneficial it would be to unite into a single party.

Note that the next presidential elections in Ukraine must pass in the spring of 2019. A number of Ukrainian politicians have already announced their desire to run for President.

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