Expert: the authorities Have no realistic plan of action in case of sharp reduction of Russian gas transit

Эксперт: У власти нет реалистичного плана действий в случае резкого снижения транзита российского  газа

The authorities and relevant officials no realistic plan of action in case of sharp reduction of Russian gas transit. This broadcast channel “112 Ukraine” said the expert on energy issues Dmitry marunich.

“With the current trend of development of events is quite likely that after the 2019-2020, the transit will be minimized to levels that will not allow the Ukrainian gas transportation system to function so that it removed some walrus. Even, say, if we raise fares 10 times, it is not certain that this increase will be recognized by the market, most likely, the Russian supplier will go to arbitration and submit the appropriate claim. Therefore, the situation is quite serious. Personally, I am concerned that the Ukrainian authorities, the relevant officials have no realistic plan of action for future periods, given that a sharp decline in transit still likely,” he said.

We will note, according to the leader of “Ukrainian choice” Victor Medvedchuk, the preservation of Russian gas transit through Ukrainian GTS — it is a problem not just of the Ukrainian economy development and its survival. He also noted that the loss of transit can jeopardize the gas supply to the Ukraine.

“Is it possible to save the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine? Of course. Taking into account forecasts of the surge in demand of the EU (due to the growth of the European economy, the loss of gas production in Norway and the Netherlands, the massive failure of Europe from coal as a fuel because of its negative impact on the environment) the capacity of the Ukrainian GTS can be claimed. An important advantage of Ukraine is that the supply of gas through the Ukrainian GTS is cheaper buying it in USA or Qatar,” he said.

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