Expert: Unified candidate from the South-East would be guaranteed second round

Эксперт: Единому кандидату от юго-востока был бы гарантирован второй тур

Single candidate from the South-East would be guaranteed a second round in the presidential election in 2019, but the candidate is unlikely to be one. This broadcast “112 Ukraine” said political consultant Ruslan Bortnik.

“A single candidate would be guaranteed a second round, but it is unlikely that the candidate would be the one. I expect at least a few candidates from the party “For life”, from the “opposition bloc” will be at least one. If from the “opposition bloc” will more than two candidates, the party will be on parliamentary elections: it will disperse into groups, into separate political projects in the parliamentary elections. The effectiveness of this model will fall to its investors. This, of course, encourages them to join. But until a single candidate I do not believe, two or three candidates more likely,” he said.

Bortnik also noted that if the “opposition bloc” gets the most votes in the parliamentary elections with a unified candidate, he was alone, in the deep of the opposition in the next Parliament, so the single candidate it is not necessary.

To unite the party “For life” and “opposition bloc”, according to experts, could the leader of “Ukrainian choice” Viktor Medvedchuk.

“Today in some degree “For life” is the niche that was occupied by the Communists and the conservatives in the “Party of regions”, – said Bortnik.

Note that the next presidential elections in Ukraine must pass in the spring of 2019. Several candidates have already announced their desire to run for President.

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