Experts compared the cameras of budget smartphones Huawei Huawei P10 lite and Nova

Experts of specialized publications decided to evaluate the quality of images performed by the cameras of smartphones, which don’t claim to the elite functionality and are available at budget prices. A comparative analysis was conducted for Huawei products, namely, P10 lite and Nova.

The studies revealed that the developers of Huawei began to go down the beaten path, when models of the same class receive the same parameters, especially in the support functions, one of which is considered to be the work of the chambers. A number of parameters, photographs made by the two “state employees” can be discerned literally “on eyes”. For example, the mode of blur is given for excellence in Nova Huawei, but in a P10 lite there is an important compensation in the form of the displacement functions of the center.


Also P10 lite led auto focus that brings the smartphone to some of the flagships of the premium. However, Nova may surprise a large range of shooting modes, including using a variety of filters that gives the chance to the inquiring user to experiment and increase their skills. Also, the camera of this smartphone can circumvent the problems with the lighting. Experts have given primacy Huawei Nova.