Experts explain how easy it is to configure DNS in the new OS Android P

In March, Google presented a new version of the Android operating system P Developer Preview. Experts in the field of modern technologies Eric Klein and Ben Schwartz argue that the new OS will provide the ability to connect to a secure Internet connection based on the TLS Protocol.

Eric Klein and Ben Schwartz are also the developers of the software, and therefore could discover all the secrets and benefits of using new software for Google’s Android. Efficiency will be achieved through a new connection to the Internet. Everyday we use the DNS Protocol, but it was developed in the 1980s, when the Internet was more secure, because many of the viruses and third party programs came later. In our time we need more serious protection. So developers created a new Protocol “DNS over TLS” which provides secure connection and minimizes the possibility of interception of data by unauthorized services. Update P Android Developer Preview automatically updates the device to “DNS over TLS” if the server supports this function. If the user refuses, he / she can change the Protocol in the settings.