Experts have told how applications for scanning photos will help you to save time

The smartphone has long been a device of universal use – it-in camera not only to take pictures of themselves and others, but also save documents, receipts, business cards. To do this, developers have created many applications.


Here is a list of the major useful features that provide such apps:

– basic scanning, cropping and alignment
(application to scan allows you to quickly trim unnecessary portions of the photo, it is possible to save the scanned document as pictures and PDF-file);

– Autolock (a scanning application for self-taking pictures document, when determined that the device is motionless, it is much more convenient than manually taking pictures, trying not to pull with your hand).

– add notes
(sometimes you need to add a footnote to the document – to emphasize, to highlight, to add the arrow program-scanners equipped with this feature);

– improving picture clarity
(such an app like Turboscan, able to make a picture clearer than a smartphone camera);

protection program PIN
(ensures reliable storage of important documents);

– grouping of documents
(the ability to group files into folders based on the date of adding);

– store documents in the cloud (there are services for scanning of files that store all the documents in the repository, these include Microsoft Office Lens and Adobe Acrobat).