Experts tell how to catch pedophiles in the network

Эксперты рассказали, как уличить педофилов в сети

Experts tell how to catch pedophiles in the network
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The network children are seeking approval and “likes”. Photo: Facebook

Most pedophiles trying to get video or photos are presented to their peers children.

Most often the victims of pedophiles to network yourself to record video for them. To such conclusion researchers at the Internet Watch Foundation as part of the report dealing with sexual violence online.

The organization also has published in his blog a few stories of victims who had similar stream recording.

During operation, the specialists studied more than two thousand videos. The analysis showed that in most cases the child is induced to make a stream for people in your network from your bedroom or bathroom. All images originally supposedly intended for “friends” or “acquaintances”, but once you show up at specialized sites. Age of victims does not exceed 13 years, writes

Small children are very susceptible to praise, and what are the pedophiles. So one of the young victims — a seven year old Sophie’s dream of “likes”, for what, and danced in front of the webcam in the bathroom. The girl was very disappointed by the lack of a positive evaluation, and criminals manipulated her behavior, from her gestures and poses, the child was guided by an attacker.

9-10 year olds pedophiles lure friendly participation. For example, nine-year-old Marie began to chat with a friend, and then proceeded to chat with her. During the chat, she saw a very plausible account, where “familiar” after a while I was invited to play in the game to show each other body parts and even perform sexual acts. The child believed that this “secret” will bring her new girlfriend.

Girls aged up to 13 years old were the most vulnerable victims (98 per cent of all victims).

Teenagers often manipulated, simulating a romantic relationship. So, Zoe met online with a young man who demanded from her sex tape.. the Secrecy of these relationships and their “feature” gave the manipulator a huge control over the Zoe, but the girl did not know that multi-day “love story” was actually a way to live with her.


Most pedophiles trying to get video or photos are presented to their peers children.


In social networks reported the capture of a pedophile, running around after children at the Playground in Lviv

In Lviv, a pedophile tried to catch the children playing on the Playground. As written on the page “VARTA 1” in Facebook Larissa Kozupa, the incident occurred in the yard of the house on the street, Dragan, 22.