Experts told about the main color of 2018

Scientists reported which color will be dominant in 2018. Employees of the research center Pantone said that the color dominant in the coming year, the Yellow Dogs will be a shade of purple 18-3838, otherwise referred to as Ultra Violet (UV).


The researchers noted that, despite its brightness and provocative, this color will be the epitome of originality and creativity, it will inspire, help to think shrewdly, with an eye to the future.

Last year a favorite of American experts from Pantone have become Greenery. This shade of green and yellow. It is also called the color of young foliage. This color symbolizes not only the awakening of nature, but also historical achievements. Greenery used suffragettes at the beginning of the last century. He also was widely used in the symbolism of the protest movements 196-1970.

Traditionally, every December, Pantone selects the main color of the upcoming year. Their predictions listen to fashion designers and interior retailers, developers and different kinds of promotional figures, in order to catch trends.