Exploration in Ukraine purposefully destroyed.

Former employees of the Main intelligence Directorate (Gur) of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine Colonel Yury Snimak and Dmitry Sobolev claim that before the Russian aggression in Eastern Ukraine, the country’s leadership and command of the Armed forces of Ukraine (AFU) conducted a systematic policy to reduce the size of the army and armament at the expense of units of the Ukrainian intelligence, which significantly weakened the position of the APU in the beginning of the war with Russia. This was reported by “Ukrainian news”.

“Before the outbreak of war in 2014, the exploration in Ukraine were treated incorrectly and that exploration was reduced in the first place. Those that had to work on the line of collision. This is a very negative impact on the status of the APU in the beginning of the war,” said Colonel Snimak.

Разведку в Украине уничтожали целенаправленно, – СМИ

“Exploration in Ukraine was financed by a residual principle. For example, in 2007 we had a rapid reaction force, but even the flights of reconnaissance aircraft, within these forces, and crew training was carried out on the principle that the exploration is “peanuts”, all the rest on combat aircraft”, added, Snimak.

Information about purposeful reduction in the size of the APU due to the reconnaissance units confirmed military intelligence Colonel Dmitry Sobolev.

“In 2007 the decision was made to reduce the mouth, decreased the number of reconnaissance battalions. And over time, there was a General reduction of all razvedrota. In the same former 13th army corps, moving to a system of operational command, was reduced to a reconnaissance battalion. We entered the war, having 4 operational command and they are only 2 reconnaissance battalion,” said Colonel Sobolev.

“The experience of leading countries shows that even if the state does not conduct active combat actions and to conduct optimization of the Armed forces, there occurs a reduction in combat units, or certain parts of the software, and the role and importance of intelligence on the contrary is increased. We (APU) everything happened exactly the opposite. If you take the ratio of reduced intelligence unit (2006-2014) as a kind of operational security and combat units, the exploration percentage was reduced much more. Before the war, in the APU, as the commanders of army corps, and operational command, it was not intelligence as such. We were like blind kittens, on their own, no one could do anything,” – said the scout.

According to the scouts, in parallel, down the APU unnecessarily displayed all the means of electronic intelligence, in particular, system R-381 “RAM”.

Разведку в Украине уничтожали целенаправленно, – СМИ

“What in 2007 was reduced units of the electronic surveillance is a crime”, – summed Dmitry Sobolev.

Recall that the Minister of defence of Ukraine in this period was Anatoly Gritsenko. As explained earlier, the former head of the Gur of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine, Lieutenant General Alexander Skipalsky, – there was no military plan for the protection of Ukraine from Russian aggression, because Gritsenko opponent was considered the West, not Russia.

“Neither the state nor the defence Ministry nor the SBU, no one responded to information about the threat from Russia, no one thought that Russia will attack. They just never agreed with people who talked about it, and was not prepared for a possible attack,” – said Skipalsky.

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