Extensive network dismantled: the accused to launder the money of the Hells

Félix Séguin

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The organized crime in quebec has recycled tens of millions of his dirty money to the four corners of the globe since 2013, China to Dubai via the Middle East.

It is what emanates from the transaction Collector, a comprehensive survey that has allowed the royal Canadian mounted police (RCMP) to dismantle an international network of money laundering based in Montreal and Toronto, yesterday.

The sweep targeted 19 suspects, including a dozen in the greater Montreal area.

This woman was among four suspects arrested in Ontario by the RCMP and escorted in the plane.

The network referred to would have helped the Hells Angels and other organized crime groups do business with drug cartels in Mexico, producers of cocaine in Colombia and the chinese suppliers of the products used in the manufacture of synthetic drugs such as methamphetamine.

The accused, like the one below will appear today at the palais de justice of Montreal.

Followed to the trace

According to our sources, the organization has also allowed bikers and organized crime, quebec to put narcodollars sheltered from the canadian tax authorities in overseas placements, or to re-invest in the legal economy.

During its investigation, the RCMP was able to observe several “letters” quebecers carry gym bags full of cash from Montreal to Toronto.

The money was entrusted to a currency exchange and a company before, who said he was involved in the field of food, before being transferred abroad. The president of the company EZ Food, Nader Gramian-Nik, and his right arm 71 that the police always, Fred Rayman, are facing a host of charges.

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On the quebec side, the alleged leaders of the network would be the Laval Mohamad Jaber, 51, and Kamel Ghaddar, 39 years.

The accused Mohamad Jaber received the visit of police officers at his home, located in the tower of condos, The Marquise, on the avenue Jean-Béraud in Laval.

Underworld lebanese

According to our sources, Jaber would, in particular, known to police for his alleged links with members of the underworld lebanese that have been soaked in a import of 132 kg of cocaine have failed miserably in April 2017.

The airplane pilot from quebec who reported the drug of the dominican Republic with an accomplice had to ask emergency in Ohio when his old twin-engine aircraft had suffered mechanical trouble.

The network referred to yesterday would be particularly linked to the underworld lebanese, who had attempted to import 132 kg of cocaine in Quebec city in April 2017. The drugs were seized in Ohio when the plane that was carrying it has had mechanical trouble.

In addition to Canada, the frauds alleged conspiracy over a period of six years would have ramifications in the other eight countries, namely Lebanon, Iran, the united arab Emirates, China, Nigeria, Mexico, Colombia and the United States.

Several other suspects targeted in the investigation are also accused to be delivered to drug trafficking.

This is the case of two suspects still sought by the RCMP : the Montreal-Victor Vargotskii, 56 years old, and Francisco Javier Jimenez Guerrero, 35 years old, and whose address is unknown.

► The RCMP will hold a press conference today to give more details on this operation, with the cooperation of the Canada revenue Agency and on the workings of the dismantled network.

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Sought and charged


The transaction Collector

♦ 19 arrests, 12 in Quebec and seven in Ontario

♦ 16 men and 3 women ranging in age from 25 to 71 years old

♦ 3 of those suspects are still being sought

♦ The offences cover a period of six years, and alleged to have been committed in at least 9 countries

♦ $ 1.7 million in cash were seized

♦ 6 properties with a value totaling nearly $ 15 million and considered to be the proceeds of crime could be forfeited to the State under court orders

 – With the collaboration of Michael Nguyen and Philippe Langlois