Facebook began to check on the authenticity of the photos and videos

Facebook начал проверять на подлинность фото- и видеоматериалы

Social network Facebook has started to test the video and photographs for accuracy. About this corporate blog said the Manager of the company’s products Anthony Woodford.

“We know that people want to see accurate information, so for the last two years, we put the priority in the fight against misinformation. Today, we are expanding the test photos and videos for all our 27 partners in 17 countries around the world,” said Woodford.

It is noted that Facebook has created a learning model that uses different signals of engagement to identify potentially about content. For example, feedback from users of the social network. These photos and videos will be sent to experts for verification of authenticity of facts.

Previously this technique was only used to check textual information. The company is “actively working on new technologies” to “deal with other forms of misinformation,” said Woodford.

Previously founder and head of Facebook mark Zuckerberg has announced the social network to counter attempts to interfere in the upcoming elections.

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