Facebook has blocked the page Filatov for inciting hatred

Facebook заблокировал страницу Филатова за разжигание ненависти

Personal website of the mayor of the Dnieper Boris Filatov on the social network Facebook is blocked for “inciting hatred”. About Filatov wrote with his second official page.

“Unfortunately, my personal account is blocked for 30 days without the possibility of publications and use of any services, including messenger. It turned out as a joke: careful what you wish for”, – Filatov wrote.

According to the mayor, the lock associated with its review a month ago.

“For understanding. Why it happened. Were found my comment a month ago. I replied to the person who insulted the Ukrainian army. Sitting in Kiev, a friend told me that Ukraine is bombing Donbas. To which I asked him not to sit in Kiev and to go to Donetsk. And I “banned” – for “inciting hatred”, – said the mayor of the Dnieper.

Facebook заблокировал страницу Филатова за разжигание ненависти

Recall, the social network Facebook removed 652 page is from Iran and Russia who conducted a disinformation campaign.

Previously, Facebook has blocked more than 30 linked pages in order to influence the opinion of Americans before the election.

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