Family drama: the 20-year-old son Pamela Anderson was beaten by his father

Семейная драма: 20-летний сын Памелы Андерсон избил своего отца

The network “blew up” the news that a son of Pamela Anderson 20-year-old Brandon got into a fight with his dad Tommy Lee. The first news published to the portal TMZ. Information publication provided by the police.

“My heart is broken. You can give your children everything they wish, but they can still betray you. Good job, Brandon! You are a wonderful son,” wrote rocker Tommy Lee on his page in the social network. However, after some time, the post was deleted.

Did not remain silent about the incident and Brandon. He got in touch with her fans on Instagram.

“Every year I realize around me becoming less and less people who I can trust. That’s the most depressing thought of today. Just wanted to share with you,” – said the offspring of celebrity parents.

In Western media there have been several versions of what happened. According to some publications, Brandon was the instigator of the fight. He attacked the father when he, along with his bride were getting ready for bed. Others argue that Tommy was drunk, and Brandon had to defend myself.