Famous actress faces imprisonment, ” the Chronicle of world events

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The incident occurred on January 20, 2017.

Famous actress rose Mcgavigan, which played the role of Paige Matthews in the TV series “All women are witches”, can be put in jail.

The reason of excitation of criminal case against the actress was the purchase and possession of drugs. According to law enforcement, the cocaine found in things rose Macguigan during customs control at the International airport of Washington. The drugs the police found in the purse of a celebrity.

Then the star paid 5 thousand dollars bail and was released into the wild. During this time, the police found proof of guilt rose Mcgavigan and ready to go with them to court. At the same time, the actress denies all charges, claiming that the cocaine was planted in her cabin, when she went to the bathroom.

Rose has consistently declared his innocence. These charges would never be filed, if not for her activism to protect the rights of women, known throughout the world. I assure you, this selective prosecution will get a decent response,– said the lawyer of the actress, Jose Baez.