Famous Ukrainian singer demonstrated how they spend their vacation (PHOTOS)

Известная украинская певица продемонстрировала, как проводит отпуск (ФОТО)

The other day Anna Sedokova told in his page in Instagram that I finally could afford to escape for a few days on vacation and relax.

Today, the singer shared the first photo from Sunny Dubai, where she stayed together with her eldest daughter Alina and son Hector. Family picture lacks only Monica’s second daughter Anne, but the singer has promised fans that will soon tell the reason of her absence.

The second frame was even more touching than the first. It Alina hugs to his little brother, and Hector laughs happily.
Известная украинская певица продемонстрировала, как проводит отпуск (ФОТО)

There is nothing more important in this regard. Brother and sister. We parents become old and grouchy, and they always will share their secrets with each other. This is a strong connection. It forever. Brother and Sister, signed the Anne.

The footage a few hours there are already more than 100 000 likes. “What a handsome young man is growing!”, “The daughter is beautiful, just like her mother”, “Anna, you are an example to follow,” they write in the comments.