Fans did not recognize the new image of Kristina Asmus

Actress Kristina Asmus has changed beyond recognition with new very short haircut, and hair color.


Fans remembered the girl with long light brown hair. More recently, however, Christine turned bright brunette with very short hair.
Many fans did recognize the star in a new reincarnation.

29-year-old actress, who became famous thanks to the TV series “Interns”, as one of the most beautiful women in the Russian show business.

It is very often invited for the cover of famous magazines. Not long ago, the girl boasted on his page in Instagram photo, where she is depicted naked.
Christina was lying in the bathtub filled with milk demonstrating their slender figure.
Fans have become accustomed to outright publications girls.

Today Asmus pretty surprised its users by posting the photo, which is not like itself.

It is a very long time to grow your long hair, and now decided will be transformed .
Published the photo of the girl described in two words – black mirror (black mirror).