Fans did not recognize the plump Tatyana Dogileva in Instagram

The majority of fans didn’t recognize the plump Tatyana Dogileva on the photos posted in Instagram. Picture posted in the blog of the program “Evening Urgant”.


On the eve of the airing of the new release “Evening Urgant” in the Internet appeared the announcement of the transfer, which introduced the guests of the Studio – Tatyana Dogileva and Inga Oboldina. It was reported that the actress will talk about the drama “Burn!”, ‘ve been working on together – her car began 7 Dec.

The audience didn’t recognize Dogileva changed for the last time. “Dogileva????? I directly do not know… have Recovered so… But still she is cool!” writes nata_leona. Agree with her volzhaninn: “Dogileva great! Humorous and very positive.”