Fans of Ani Lorak criticized her selfie and called the old duck

A new photo of the singer Ani Lorak criticized to the nines!

Фанаты Ани Лорак раскритиковали ее селфи и назвали старой уткой

In recent years, among girls and women it became popular to do Botox lips, so that they were more and more elaborate. However, some women are so addicted to this procedure, in others it causes only disgust, because look too large lips is unnatural.

In addition, since the technique of the injection is the same for everyone, the girls have lost their individuality, and the whole image becomes typical.

The main thing is not to overdo it.

Recently, under the scope got a new photo of a Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak. New picture upset her many fans, and they are in the nines criticized her lips. It would seem that there is nothing unusual in the photo star, but attentive fans were able to find flaws in celebrities.

Фанаты Ани Лорак раскритиковали ее селфи и назвали старой уткой

“Old duck”, “You need to relax and be in nature, Botox is overdone! The drunk looked like!”

— rude writing network users.

However, there were also less critical user comments. These users have been to protect Ani Lorak wrote that she’s insanely beautiful.

Some followers pointed out that the new photos of Ani Lorak looks like the traditional photos of the singer Tina Karol, and others suggest the singer to experiment with.

“You beauty simply no words, but hair color is so boring. Change the image, I want change”

— wrote in Instagram.

Фанаты Ани Лорак раскритиковали ее селфи и назвали старой уткой

Of course, the singer is unlikely to listen to the opinions of fans. Because her team has a personal stylist and makeup artist who help the artist.

Incidentally, the scandalous singer recently Ani Lorak came to Kiev, succinylate and caused mixed reactions of users.

Fans were not very happy to see her on the streets of the capital of Ukraine:

“Go to your beloved Russia”, “In Kiev, she returns alone to the apartment, and you’ll have to beg her concerts, which she wanted to spit, however, as for you”, “wow, what people, what is she doing here? Have loved Matskva there and go”

On zlopyhaniya comments star did not answer.