Fatal accident in Odessa: the driver of the car was taken into custody without bail

Смертельное ДТП в Одессе: водителя автомобиля взяли под стражу без права на залог

Monday, September 10, the court took custody of the driver of the BMW, a suspect in a deadly accident in Odessa, during which two people were killed and five were injured. This was reported by press Secretary of the Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko Larisa Sargan Facebook.

“At the request of the Prosecutor of the Odessa region (the Prosecutor Anatol Rusu, the head of procedure in the case of accident) taken into custody without bail 27-year-old driver of the BMW, a suspect in the Commission of a fatal accident in Odessa on 8 September of the current year”, – she wrote.

According to local newspaper “Odessa media”, the Prosecutor asked the suspect for two months in the detention center. In turn, the lawyer of the suspect said that the party accused from day one helps the victims.

It was noted that the accused’s father Semirenko picked up blood, plasma and medical supplies to victims of accidents. The treatment of the victim, who is in a military hospital, is also compensated. The funeral party pays the accused. The driver of the BMW says that does not remember the night of the accident, but admitted his guilt.

Thus, the court took into account that the suspect is not married, he does not have children and no permanent job and he may influence witnesses in the case. However, he was repeatedly brought to administrative responsibility, namely driving through a red light and was driving without a license. Therefore, the court sent Semirenko in jail for 60 days without the right to bail.

We will remind, in Odessa Fontanskaya road BMW “flew” in the Skoda. Two people were killed: a 55-year-old woman and 52-year-old man. Injured 20-year – old girl passenger of the BMW, a 30-year-old woman and student, who stood on the sidelines. Another man is in serious condition in the hospital. His identity is not yet established.

The alleged perpetrator of the accident in Odessa early was seen in the street races. Now the driver is detained in the detention center, where it will wait for the election to it measures of restraint. Prosecutors will ask for detention without an alternative of bail.

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